At The Hook up Media our mission and values are to increase sales and customer service for our clients.

The Hook up Media is premier full service marketing and branding company that focuses on the growth our clients.

We offer the following state of the art services

Social Networking Setup and Updates:

The Hook up Media offers businesses the unique opportunity of capitalizing on
the fastest growing marketing and advertising trend in the world.

Top 10 Reasons for Social Marketing
  1. Diversification by extending a company’s web presence far beyond the limits of its e-commerce, lead generation or information sites.
  2. Build awareness of products and services by attracting consumers who enjoy the discovery process and don’t feel annoyed by it.
  3. Attract communities that are much more comprehensive, natural and intimate than conventional databases and autoresponders.
  4. Provide better customer interaction by talking with the customer rather than at the customer as is generally the case with conventional media.
  5. Build frequency less expensively than conventional media educating and informing the consumer over time.
  6. Reach target markets that are too difficult or expensive to reach using conventional means.
  7. Target a narrow vertical market while at the same time casting a wide net. Efficiency doesn’t really matter much in the context of social media reach.
  8. Search engines like social media, and social marketing leverages free high-quality search exposure which is preferable to paying for low-quality pay-per-click or banner advertising.
  9. Social media sites and your e commerce websites are available 24/7 more or less indefinitely. It’s much like having an ad run in every issue of a publication or like having a catalog or sales letter retained until the customer is ready to make a buying decision.
  10. Open possibilities to connect directly with B2B decision makers without interference from protective gatekeepers.

The Hook Up Media is the answer to your Social Networking needs.

Social Network Highlights

  • 250 million active users
  • 120 million users log on to Facebook at least once each day
  • The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years old and older


  • 11.5 million (and growing) Twitters accounts
  • Out of every 350 visits to a Website comes from Twitter as a source
  • USA Twitter share is ranked number one with 62%


  • 53 million members in over 200 countries and territories around the world
  • Top Executives are LinkedIn members
  • New member joins LinkedIn approximately every second

Grass Roots Marketing Campaigns:

The Hook Up Media will aggressively market your product directly to the public.  Whether your product has been in the market place for years or a new on the scene, we can help.

Our grassroots services will advertise your products the most popular day and night spots in your town, city or state.  We work with you to provide models, props or any items needed in order for your product to be the star of the every show.

Email Marketing:
Email campaigns designed with top Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and business owners to develop an email marketing program that is not only easy to use, but extremely efficient of getting your message to your curent and prospective customers.

Our customized email campaigns have a delivery rate of more than double that of our major competitors.  Our reporting features allow you to gather important information including but not limited to, how many emails were opened, how many customers clicked through to your website or how many emails went to invalid addresses all while following the restrictions set forth in the Can-SPAM Compliance Laws.

The Hook Up Media allows you to target your customers with pinpoint accuracy at a fraction of the cost of print programs.  We offer customized campaigns to fit the needs of your customers in order to help your sales grow exponentially.

Product Features Include

We increase your email database by making professional phone calls to each customers.  We work with you to develop a script developed and designed to increase the number of emails in your current database.

Our secure system was designed with firewall protection that allows us to collect, store and manage all customer, prospect ad web transactions for seamless data intergration, reporting and analysis.

A variety of customizable email templates designed with the success of your campaign in mind.

Features include automated pre-scheduled and recurring delivery, bounce management, one-click unsubscribe and forward-to-a-friend links for viral list growth.

Customized reports include delivery success, bounce backs, demographics, unsubscribers, and contact level (who opened your email, who clicked through to your website) to measure the ROI of your campaigns.

Our Can-SPAM compliance features meet all federal guidelines and conform to industry best practices, ensuring maximum deliverability and reduced risk that your e-mail will be blocked by anti-spam controls.

We also offer start up programs for small and large companies alike.  Our services include websites, business cards, brochures and other services to make your business grow to new heights.

We are the one stop shop for all of your marketing needs, so just call us for a low cost quote today.


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